East to West Mining and Construction Solutions (EWMC) provides specialized services to the mining, construction, and windmill industries worldwide. Our services include surface and underground heavy-equipment specialist mechanic crews, windmill blade-replacement services, full-service rental of crane operators and crane supply on demand.

We maintain a team of highly qualified human resources whom have no less than 20 years industry experience each, and are delivering an immense potential to help benefit the mining and construction world.

We have worked on mining and construction projects worldwide and now consist of a drilling division partnership and full heavy equipment mechanic crew, running long-term and short-term projects. Our experienced and specialized mechanics are familiar with surface and underground equipment.

Further to drilling, our crane drilling offers full-service rental of crane operators and crane supply on demand.

As of 2016, we are actively expanding operations into the windmill industry, providing windmill maintenance companies with crane rentals and blade replacement services.

We are looking forward to continued contributions in the development of the mining, construction and windmill industries, and expanding the global economy with 100% green process, with safety as our highest priority.